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Blazing Butterfly Edits is run by two best friends who met in high school, Samantha Picinich and Derrick Shaw! After years of writing together and dabbling in publishing, we decided to take our love and passion for writing and bestow it upon other writers! We believe in reliable service and creating lasting relationships with our clients. What you can expect from us: suggestions to your work that do not end at red lines. With every error we correct, we explain why with a comment. We help you understand the edits we make and we are available for you to message us throughout the process!

Meet Samantha!
Development Editor, Line/Copy Editor, Proofreader

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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to do three things: teach, write, and edit! Through Blazing Butterfly Edits, I, Samantha Picinich, am now able to live out all three of my passions! I currently publish fantasy novels under the pen name Aimee Shaye. I am also a teacher and now I’m editing!

Blazing Butterfly Edits started as a volunteer, offer-for-offer job and evolved into something wonderfully amazing. I never thought at 26, I’d be working as a freelance editor for amazing independent authors!

I first started my editing journey in 2019 when I proofread for Melinda Kucsera when she put together a trilogy anthology that comprised of 60 short stories ranging from 10,000 words to 20,000 words! Out of those, I proofread 40. Proofreads consisted of looking for spelling and grammar edits but there were times I went above and beyond and needed to do full edits that consisted of plot and character development, as well as author voice, consistency, and point of view.

After working with Melinda and making a name for myself, I branched out to work with other authors. More recently I have worked with Skylar Nightingale (a romance author), Wendy M. (a newly published sci-fi/fantasy author), Charlie Nottingham (a fantasy author), and Natasha Taft (a romance author).

My education consists of a Masters of Literature and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University (2021), Masters of Early Childhood Education – Birth to Grade 2 with extensions in special education and grades 1-6 from Mercy College (2016) and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Mercy College (2016).

Meet Derrick Shaw
Copy Editor, Proofreader


Even as a child life for me was revolved around a few things: Reading great books, consuming great media, and writing awesome stories. Now at the age of twenty-six, I can safely say that those things are still very much a part of me. I am so happy to be able to do the things I love while stretching my creative wings.

Aside from being in the middle of creating my own novels within the Young Adult
The contemporary world, I am also in the process of getting my own personal blog up and running. I have a few sample pieces of my work up on my own website, derrickjshaw.com, so check them out when you get a chance!

I first started my writing journey in high school with fanfiction. Fanfiction was, and for many still is, the gateway for me to begin to craft my own stories. From there, I started crafting my own story, which was put on hold for a while. Eventually, I found the capacity to finish that story clocking in at around 73,000 words! Last year, I began the process to query my novel to publishers, but I have since taken a step back to rewrite it once more after some great feedback upon receiving a request for a full. Not only that, but my novel has also reached the final rounds of being selected by a mentor with Pitch Wars on twitter. Hopefully, I can join when my rewrite is done!

I have experience editing both high school and college-level essays and longer papers. My ability to proofread has been fostered through continuous work within the educational world. I have been teaching since 2014 when I began working with fifth graders in AmeriCorps. From there I began working with students through the YMCA afterschool program, and now currently as an elementary school teacher. Along with my professional experiences, have gained experiences through editing papers for colleagues both in my classes for my English Degree at Brooklyn College, and at work with lesson plans and graduate school admission essays.

This fall, I will be entering my MFA in Creative Writing program and can’t wait to put what I have learned and what I will continue to learn to task with your coveted works! I look forward to working with you!

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